VISTAGE Peer Group for CFOs


A Unique Opportunity to be part of a Vistage Peer Group for CFOs With Mark Neilson and Mike Richardson

Vistage Chair Mike Richardson and recovering CFO Mark Neilson and are joining forces to create an opportunity for CFOs to be members of a Vistage peer group experience, uniquely tailored, focused and facilitated to meet their needs:


  • A unique and exclusive peer group sharing experience unlike any other forum – limited to 20 members
  • Rich resources for “better practices” focused on the office of the CFO
  • Improve your stakeholder relationships with your CEO, Board, shareholders and lenders
  • Accelerate your path to other C-suite and/or Board level leadership roles
  • Learn to get your personal life back in balance while also increasing your leadership effectiveness


Vistage is the world’s leading membership organization for CEOs and senior executives, with 15,000 members in 15 countries, helping them become better leaders, making better decisions and achieving better results, in business and in life. Vistage combines the words “vista” and “advantage,” meaning that our members gain the advantage of a broader outlook and the ability to see more clearly from the higher ground provided by the experiences and insights of other business leaders, experts and coaches. This Vistage Advantage™ is enabled by a suite of services comprising: Group meetings; Individual Coaching; Expert Resources; The Vistage Gateway to global content and resources.  Amongst others we will explore and adopt over time, we plan on using two books as cornerstones of our group process: “Wheel$pin: the Agile Executive’s Manifesto – Accelerate Your Growth; Leverage Your Value; Beat the Competition” (Mike Richardson, 2011) “Reinventing the CFO: how financial managers can transform their roles and add greater value” (Jeremy Hope, 2006).  For more information, please go to


First Friday of every month with some announced exceptions from 8am – 3pm


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