• Our mission is to be the go-to resource for forward-thinking, CFO’s who are serious about seeking best practices for their organizations.

Our Vision

  • Our vision is that every forward-thinking CFO would be aware of and/or benefit in some manner from the services, advice and referrals provided by Accretive.
  • Our goal is to drive at least $1 million per year to the non-profit community using our shared savings model

Our Beliefs

  • We believe that the CFO’s job is growing more overwhelming and there needs to be more on-target, self-funding support services for CFO’s.
  • We believe that few can fully appreciate the complexity of CFO life and that those who have sat in the CFO seat can best address the unique needs of top level finance executives.
  • We believe we should not be paid unless and until our client agrees they have benefitted from our services, not just because we sent an invoice.
  • We believe that clients appreciate and will reward business partners that are willing to take business risks (the same way they themselves have) as long as we deliver measurable impact on earnings, cash-flow and / or enterprise value.

Our Model

  • Organizing Cost Reduction services – collaboration
  • Creating a new source of funds for nonprofits
  • Protecting jobs by reducing other costs instead of / before payroll
  • We partner with nonprofit organizations to drive corporate philanthropy using a shared savings model

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