Accretive believes very strongly in our responsibility to give back to our community through those organizations that help the underserved and less fortunate in and around San Diego. We have committed 5% of our annual revenues for this purpose to the organizations we choose to support.

What you can do:

Perhaps your organization might consider sharing some % of the savings you realize from an Accretive Cost Structure Assessment with one or more of your favorite charitable non-profit
organizations. This can be a great way to give back without creating a new expense for your
company …… you are simply sharing some unexpected, hidden savings and re-allocating a portion towards a non-profit.

For example:
Gross savings identified by Accretive = $500,000
Less estimated Accretive share-25% = ($125,000)*
Savings to your company = $375,000
10% donated to your chosen non-profit = $37,500
Net savings to your company = $337,500

*Accretive will also donate 5% of the savings = $25,000 to your chosen Charitable organization.

There’s more!

If your company realizes $200,000 or more in implemented first year savings from an Accretive
Cost Structure Assessment, Accretive will conduct a pro-bono Cost Structure Assessment for
one non-profit organization of your choosing. They can keep 100% of whatever savings we
find which is that much less money they have to raise to support their programs. Now THAT’s

A Unique Way To Help The Community AND Your Company As Well!

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