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Healthy Incentives for you to help companies and nonprofits too

Accretive operates a revenue-sharing model. Accordingly, we are able to allocate 10% of our collected revenues to persons or firms that provided the introduction to a client with whom we had no existing prior relationship.

*You may elect to redirect some or all of your commissions to non-profits or scholarship funds if you so choose ……and YOU get the kudos.

Program Outline

  1. Referring party must be provided written authorization to receive referral fees if employed and the referral relationship is related to the referring party’s current employment activities
  2. Referring party must receive written pre-approval from Accretive management prior to making a client introduction
  3. Accretive will update referring party periodically regarding Accretive’s billed and collected revenue once an approved referral has been initiated
  4. Commission will be ten percent (10%) of Accretive’s collected revenues over the period Accretive is engaged to provide services (12-24 months)
  5. Commission payments will be made within 15 days of collection of revenue from Accretive clients and supporting calculations will be provided with payment
  6. Referring party will have no ongoing involvement in the Accretive-client engagement process after the referral is approved unless requested by Accretive
  7. Accretive will report referral commissions paid to the recipient to the IRS and relevant states at year-end; *Redirected commissions are not taxable to the referring party

All communications regarding referral fees under this program must be in writing.

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