Shared Savings For Fundraising – Our Unique Model Raises Funds for Charity!

Chart showing innovative fund-raising technique for charitiesWe believe our responsibility is to give back to our local and worldwide community through organizations that serve the underserved and less fortunate in and around San Diego and beyond.

The downturn in the economy which began in 2008 has adversely impacted almost every charity and non-profit throughout our community and worldwide.  These organizations are now relying more and more on for-profit businesses to help fund their worthy causes.  Our new and creative approach to fundraising benefits non-profits as follows:
1. We help for-profit businesses contribute to non-profits:
As part of our charitable giving program, we reduce our fees to for-profit businesses by 5% of the gross savings we find and require that business to match 5% (or more) of those savings.  Result is at least 10% of their savings go directly to their chosen nonprofit(s) for at least one year or beyond if the for-profit company wishes to do so.  5% of our revenues are paid to the non-profit(s) of our choosing unless the for-profit business lead came from a non-profit entity.  In those cases, that non-profit receives this additional 5% share over 12 months as we collect our revenue.
2.  We direct up to 15% of our revenues to non-profits: As we collect our revenue over 12 months, 10% of those revenues are paid directly to the non-profit who introduces us to a for-profit business that could benefit from our service offerings.  In addition, the for-profit business often prefers to redirect these savings to the non-profit resulting in additional funds going directly to the non-profit.
EXAMPLE: A non-profit refers Accretive to a for-profit business they are affiliated with and the result is that Accretive saves the for-profit business $500,000 over 12 months.

1. Based on the above example, the end result is as follows:  the for-profit business ends up donating $50,000 (10%) to the non-profit who referred Accretive – 5% from Accretive revenues and 5% from the for-profit business savings.   Again, this business may elect to donate more than 5% and/or for more than one year resulting in even more funding going directly to the non-profit.

2.  Accretive earns $165,000 (35%) from the engagement and donates:

  1. $16,500 (10% of Accretive’s share) for the referral from the non-profit entity;
  2. $ 8,250 (5% of Accretive’s share) from Accretive’s charitable giving program;

Final Win Win Result:
The for-profit company saved a net $285,000 / 57%: ($500,000- $50,000-$165,000=$285,000)
Accretive earned $140,250 / 28%: ($165,000-$16,500-$8,250=$140,250)
Non-profit received $74,750 / 14% ($50,000+$16,500+8,250)

There is zero cost or risk to either the for-profit business or the non-profit!


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