• We take responsibility for establishing and maintaining trust with everyone we know;
  • We will openly and proactively communicate with our clients, partners and colleagues
    to be certain we (first) understand and (second) are understood;
  • We take ownership in delivering and documenting the results we are compensated for;
  • We are accountable for managing outcomes and the process required to achieve them;
  • We resolve to report, own and correct our mistakes in a timely fashion;


  • We believe that the CFO’s job is growing more overwhelming and there needs to be
    more on-target, self-funding support services for CFO’s.
  • We believe that few can fully appreciate the complexity of CFO life and that those
    who have sat in the CFO seat can best address the unique needs of top level finance
  • We believe we should not be paid unless and until our client agrees they have
    benefitted from our services, not just because we sent an invoice.
  • We believe that clients appreciate and will reward business partners that are willing
    to take business risk (the same way they themselves have) as long as we deliver
    measurable impact on earnings, cash-flow and / or enterprise value.

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