Our fundraising model helps bridge the partnership gap between corporations and non-profits by uncovering savings and pledging a portion of the savings to charity.

Find It.

First – We’ve assembled a widely respected team of subject matter experts who have a deep expertise in finding cost savings. These leaders have helped Fortune 100 Companies, as well as small, mid-market, and large enterprise organizations, save money. Our ‘resultants’ don’t get paid unless they deliver results, and they donate a portion of their performance-based compensation to their charity of choice. We also don’t cut people or payroll.Second – Our ‘resultants’ have a broad range of expertise in these key areas: spend management, vendor management, cost containment strategies, vendor/supplier risk mitigation and auditing, project analysis, and the implementation of better business practices. Our ‘resultants’ only get paid if they produce savings.Third – We help corporations align themselves with non-profits whose mission and work are in alignment with a company’s annual funding strategies, core values and company culture

Share It.

First – Corporations pre-allocate a portion of savings uncovered by engaging our subject matter experts to one or more chosen charities they already support or would like to free up funds to support. Turns out almost every one of us is more generous with money we either don’t have yet or don’t know we have than we are with money we know we have.
Second – Our ‘foundraisers’ assist the C-suite by adding the internal manpower to focus intently on areas outside of the core business costs. Many mid-market companies don‘t have the internal resources to carefully assess areas outside of labor and project costs.
Third – Companies are “the big winner” here (for a change) and they can their reinvest some of their retained share of found money into their own internal needs that otherwise would not have been in their budgets to act on. Our ‘resultants’ also donate a portion of their performance-based compensation.


Image of hand in the shape of a heart holding a coinWhen a nonprofit organization introduces Accretive to one of its for-profit business contacts under the PinPoint program, there is often a 3-5 month wait for the shared savings to start flowing. This delay can often deflate the enthusiasm and stall momentum for the program. Accordingly, we have elected (out of our own pocket) to “bridge” this waiting period by advancing shared savings to the nonprofit organization in the name of the for-profit corporation that engages Accretive’s services. See Example.

  • $1,000 per month advanced to the nonprofit in the name of the for-profit company
  • Maximum of 5 months / $5,000
  • Non-refundable / nonprofit keeps funds – regardless of the amount of savings actually realized
  • Accretive may deduct advanced funds only from actual shared saving related to the agreement with the for profit company engaging Accretive that was pre-allocated to the nonprofit
  • Accretive accepts full risk – no recourse with the company or non-profit
  • Accretive may suspend monthly payments only in the event the for-profit company ceases to cooperate with Accretive efforts to identify & implement savings

We are very excited to offer this program to further stimulate & accelerate this unique win-win opportunity to help companies share found savings with their favorite nonprofit organizations.

PinPoint Is A New Paradigm In Corporate Giving.

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