San Diego-based leader in the fields of geropsychology and geropsychiatry, enjoying an 18-year successful track record and earning the distinction of being one of the nation’s leading providers of behavioral healthcare services in skilled nursing facilities.


Vericare’s CFO engaged Accretive because (1) the company needed to quickly cut costs and improve cash flows; and (2) the CFO did not have the luxury of time to get around to all the cost areas by himself over time. Quick actions were needed without hiring fee-based consultants.

Annual Cost Savings Results: Accretive assessed the following areas but determined that CCHS was doing a very good job in these areas or the estimated savings were not material enough to pursue or implement. This is also considered a positive outcome since it validated the team’s efforts to contain cost and improve efficiency:

  • Property, Casualty & Liability Insurance – $40,000: Accretive referred their insurance expert who helped lower premium costs without changing brokers.
  • Copiers / Document management – $34,000 (3 yrs): Accretive’s subject matter expert in this area quickly renegotiated copier leases with some unexpectedly high savings.
  • Small Parcel / Fed-X – $4,000: One of Accretive’s relationships allowed Vericare to “piggy-back” on a group purchasing organization (GPO) at no cost and provided free GPO memberships for Vericare employees as well to help them save on some of their personal expenses.
  • Telecommunications – $9,000: Reduced internet & certain telecom costs by 50% and increased speed using Accretive’s recommended specialists.

Deferred savings (areas where implementation of savings tactics were delayed by choice):

  • Worker’s Comp insurance – $15,000 (est)
  • Health Insurance – $100k-$200k / year (subject to claims experience)
  • Technology – $5,000 savings on offsite back-up

“Accretive referred the right subject matter experts to us so that we did not have to use “trial & error” to find the right resources. By referring their vetted specialists in each area, Accretive saved us time and money. I managed the cost savings assessment myself but used Accretive’s proven experts in each area to shortcut the process and get savings fast.”

Buddy Voit, CFO – Vericare

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