San Diego Leadership Forum Partners With Accretive

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Creative Approach Uses a “Win-Win” Method to Raising Funds in a Competitive Fundraising Environment

The San Diego Leadership Forum (“SDLF”) announced today that it has partnered with Accretive of San Diego (“Accretive”) in an effort to add a unique new form of fundraising to its various existing efforts that support the SDLF Ministry.

Matthew Booker, SDLF Executive Director noted, “We are very excited about Accretive’s unique fundraising approach. We are a relatively new organization looking to build relationships with the for-profit business community as we build out the SDLF ministry and impact in San Diego County and surrounding areas. The Accretive model brings an economic model to our corporate partners that benefits everyone using FOUND money. We have recently incorporated the model into our 2014 fundraising efforts”.

“Accretive is blessed to be partnering with SDLF”, said Mark Neilson, Managing Partner and Founder of Accretive. Accretive’s shared-savings approach to fundraising enables local San Diego companies to uncover significant, unexpected cost savings while sharing a portion of these cost savings to support their favorite nonprofit activities & organizations like SDLF.” Neilson added, “This is truly a “win-win-win” approach to fundraising. Our experience shows that almost every organizations has potential savings in multiple areas, other than headcount & payroll.” Neilson also sits on SDLF’s Board of Directors and is an active member in the SDLF peer-based ministry.

The San Diego Leadership Forum is a local, nonprofit entity, whose goal is to empower San Diego leaders and network them in small, highly confidential, invitation – only forums of their peers. SDLF creates a safe place to experience deep authentic relationships among like-minded influencers – a personal board of directors, to be encouraged by a personal Chaplain, and to help leaders engage their passions in order to have an eternal impact. San Diego Leadership Forum seeks to support the top influencers of San Diego’s as they wrestle with the leadership challenges in the context of using their God given platform to change the face of San Diego.
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Accretive of San Diego works with forward-thinking C-level executives to identify opportunities within their organizations to lower non-payroll operating costs that have a measurable impact on earnings, cash-flow and enterprise value. Accretive’s team consists of experienced C-level executives who approach cost savings with an insider’s perspective.

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