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Cathedral Catholic High School (CCHS) is a Catholic faith community that serves students by preparing them for college and lifelong learning. CCHS also provides the character information necessary for responsible global citizenship. CCHS is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and holds membership with the College Board. CCHS’ rigorous, innovative education program is offered in a nurturing community based on teachings of Jesus Christ and Traditions of the Catholic Church.


The CCHS Leadership team learned about Accretive’s Cost Savings Assessment process from its former Board Chair, Msgr.Callahan, and the CFO of the San Diego Catholic Diocese. CCHS felt that good stewardship and good governance includes having independent 3rd parties periodically assess select operating cost areas to either find savings or validate existing practices. CCHS operates within a continuous improvement / every-learning culture.

Areas validated (immaterial or no savings): Accretive assessed the following areas but determined that CCHS was doing a very good job in these areas or the estimated savings were not material enough to pursue or implement. This is also considered a positive outcome since it validated the team’s efforts to contain cost and improve efficiency:

  • I/T Costs
    • Cloud Computing
    • E-voicing
    • Website Support
  • Copier / Document management costs
  • Merchant cards services

We are grateful to the Accretive team for their support of our mission to provide an excellent Catholic education. Their willingness to share their time and talent for benefit of our students is greatly appreciated. Accretive identified internal strengths and challenges, and as a result validated some assumptions regarding strong points as well as some new areas of focus. The Accretive team was transparent, and helped further our mission, without burden. Accretive’s team is comprised of professional, friendly, and personable skilled specialists with a wide variety expertise, and had an easy-to-work-with approach.

Carolyn Sturz, CMA, Business Manager

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