Logan Benefiting from “Found Savings” at Quality Dining

Quality Dining, Inc.,(“QDI”) President, John Firth admits, “Yes, I was skeptical.” When he learned about an innovative form of fundraising where his company would actually benefit financially AND help LOGAN at the same time.

“Now I am a believer and supporter of this win-win approach to Corporate giving. It works!” ~ John Firth

QDI is working on with local firm, Accretive of Indiana, on a number of expense-reduction (found money) initiatives on a shared-savings basis, meaning QDI only pays out a portion of actual savings, not for time Accretive and its alliance partners invest in seeking out savings opportunities. QDI committed in advance to share some of the savings with LOGAN, where John Firth has served has served as chairman of the Logan board. Accretive and its alliance firms also donate to LOGAN.

“What’s not to like?” LOGAN Non-profit supporting people with disabilities President & CEO Clint Bolser added. “QDI was our first attempt to use the shared-savings model for fundraising and we are eager to expand from there by letting other businesses that support LOGAN about the program’s success.”

Mark Hatley of Accretive added, “QDI is another company on a growing list of Michiana businesses to employ our model. It’s especially gratifying to us to help companies while they help their favorite nonprofits with some of the found money we are able to surface. We never touch jobs, either. Truly, a win-win deal.”

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