John Brockington Foundation Unveils New Fundraising Idea

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Unique Model Adds Win-Win Method to Raising Funds in Competitive Fundraising Environment

The John Brockington Foundation announced today that it is partnering with Accretive of San Diego (“Accretive”) to add a unique fundraising model to its variety of existing fundraising efforts that helps to provide financial and resource support for those donating, awaiting, and/or receiving organ transplants.

“Like most nonprofit organizations, we have been exploring new ways to raise funds that provide a concrete benefit to our donors” noted Diane Brockington, Executive Director for the John Brockington Foundation. An avid Green Bay Packer fan, Diane donated a kidney to former NFL (Green Bay Packers) star running back John Brockington in 2001; they later married in 2003 and went on to form the John Brockington Foundation together. The Brockingtons’ story is truly unique. “Fundraising is hard and getting harder”, adds John, “so many organizations doing so many good things. We wanted to bring something to our fundraising efforts that also benefits our Corporate donors economically, in addition to supporting a great cause.”

“We are very excited to be partnering with The John Brockington Foundation”, said Accretive founder, Mark Neilson. “Accretive’s shared-savings approach to fundraising enables companies to realize significant cost savings, while pre-designating a portion of those savings to support their chosen nonprofits……truly a win-win-win approach to fundraising.” Neilson added, “Our experience confirms that almost every organization has potential savings in multiple areas of their companies, and we don’t touch headcount or payroll. There is no downside here.” Addionally, Mark is a lifelong Green Bay Packer Fan and has had a personal experience with the kidney donor waiting list.

The mission of The John Brockington Foundation is to create a culture in which organ donation is commonplace; to provide financial and resource support for those donating, awaiting, and/or receiving organs; and to promote health education to minority communities who are disproportionately represented on the transplant waiting list. For more information, visit

Accretive of San Diego works with forward-thinking executive leaders to identify opportunities within their organizations to evaluate resources, processes and systems that can have a measurable impact on earnings, cash-flow and enterprise value. Accretive’s team consists of experienced C-level executives who approach cost savings with an insider’s perspective.