Ten Things Resultants Don't Say

3D image of words "Top 10"At Accretive, we call the subject matter experts that come into a business to help “Resultants” instead of “Consultants.” Our resultants have a different attitude than your typical consultant.

The Top Ten Things Resultants Don’t Say:

  1. “Adding value” – #1 most over-used consulting term—generally unproven.
  2. Any IT acronym – Used by IT folks to make the rest of us feel dumb.
  3. “Audit “ – Same as “we plan to torture you.”
  4. “Retainer” – Same as “you are lucky we accepted you as a client.”
  5. “Best Practices” – No such thing. “Better Practices” do exist however.
  6. “Scope of Work” – Expensive-sounding term for “to-do list”.
  7. “Hourly rates” – We are paid for OUTCOME not effort.
  8. “Solutions “ – This gives “Adding value” a run for its money for OVERUSE.
  9. “Deliverables” – We are not truck drivers.
  10. “Findings” – We are trying to help you save money—not investigate you.

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