Gray–I.C.E Builders, Inc.

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Gray-I.C.E. Builders, Inc. of Anaheim, CA is a leading contractor specializing in retail facility construction, hospitality construction, commercial facility construction and manufacturing plant construction throughout California and the western United States.


Bob Moore, CEO of Gray-I.C.E Builders, is deeply involved in fundraising for the National MS Society in support of Company Founder, Howard Gray who suffers with MS. The Company wanted to give themselves a cost savings check-up and pre-commit 10% of any found savings to the MS Society and perhaps some of the other non-profits the Company supports. Gray management agreed this would be a win-win process with no downside.

Recap of Savings Areas:

  • Copier equipment costs: Accretive recommended a review of our copier leases. Approximately $11,000 in savings were discovered and implemented quickly.
  • Computer hardware: Approximately $2,000 in savings were found.
  • Enterprise zone tax credits: Approximately $35,000 in savings were identified. (Evaluating the cost-benefit of filing a refund claim.)

Areas that were validated:

  • Computer software contracts

Areas we are still assessing with Accretive: (March 2014)

  • State training grants

Areas validated (immaterial or no savings):

Accretive assessed the following areas but determined that Gray–I.C.E Builders is doing a very good job in these areas or the estimated net savings were not material enough to pursue or implement. This is also considered a positive outcome since it validated the team’s efforts to contain cost and improve efficiency:

  • Fleet management services
  • California Enterprise Zone tax credits

“I probably invested about 10 hours or less in the whole process myself and my staff was not burdened either. We are in a very competitive industry and all savings are welcome. With the Accretive process, we are helping the MS Society even more than we were as well as exercising good governance by taking some time to let fresh eyes review areas we don’t have enough time to assess on a regular basis ourselves. I am glad we have gone thru the process.”

Brian Silver, CFO / Gray-I.C.E Builders